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Croydon Public Health Intelligence including Practice Profile Information

These profiles are designed to support GPs, clinical Commissioning groups (CCGs) and local authorities to ensure that they are providing and Commissioning effective and appropriate healthcare services for their local population.

In addition to viewing individual practice profiles, you can view summary profiles for CCGs. Each practice can be compared with the CCG and England, and also with the practice deprivation decile and ‘peer group’ (for explanation see the Supporting documents).

Using a variety of graphical displays such as spine charts and population pyramids, the tool presents a range of practice-level indicators drawn from the latest available data, including:

  • local demography
  • Quality and Outcomes Framework domains
  • disease prevalence estimates
  • admission rates
  • patient satisfaction

The profiles do not provide an exhaustive list of primary care indicators, but they do allow a consistent approach to comparing and Benchmarking across England.

For more information consult the User guide and FAQs.

Practice Profile 2017

Local Services, Let
Thornton Heath Dental Practice The Foot Space UK Ltd Pink Personal Training Linden Lodge Dental Practice