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National Diabetes Audit

Leander Family Practice is a participant in the National Diabetes Audit (NDA), a national strategy to monitor patients that either already have diabetes or those that are at high risk of developing diabetes.

The NDA provides the Government and the NHS with data and information to ensure we are providing the best care possible to all patients within these 2 groups. The data is extracted from our files securely and in line with all current legislation regarding patient confidentiality and data protection. Please click on the links below to find out more information:

How Your Information is Used To Help Improve Diabetes Care

How your information is used to improve care for people at increased risk of Type 2 diabetes

At the moment, all patients' are automatically included in the NDA. If you DO NOT wish to participate in this Audit then you must inform a member of the Practice team so that your consent can be withdrawn and your record updated accordingly. 

You can find out more information about the Audit in general at:

Thank you.

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